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Corporate responsibility

RIIO-GD2 Business Plan (2021 - 2026)
Executive Summary Business Plan Customer Engagement Group Report Customer Engagement Group Impacts Appendices 28 More
Northern Gas Networks Code of Conduct
Supplier Code of Conduct
Northern Gas Networks Supply Chain Mapping Statement

Keeping costs down

Sustainable Procurement Strategy
Procurement Guidelines
Transportation Pricing
2023-24 Final Transportation Charging Statement 2022-23 Final Transportation Charging Statement More Archive
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions for Goods and Services

Our communities

Vulnerability and Carbon Monoxide Allowance#2 Updated Strategy
Research - Covid 19 and Vulnerable Customers Report
Collaborative Gas Distribution Networks DRS Submission
Customers in Vulnerable Situations Strategy
BSI 18477 Inclusive Service Provision

The future

East Coast Hydrogen Delivery Plan
NGN Hydrogen Village Trial Assessment
RHC Stage 2 Close-down Report
RHC Network Element Application Publication
Redcar Hydrogen Community Stage Two submission March 2023
Redcar Hydrogen Community Stage One Submission December 2021
H21 Phase 2 Technical Summary
H21 Phase 1 Technical Summary Report
East Coast Hydrogen Feasibility Report
Digitalisation Strategy
Digitalisation Action Plan
Pathways to Net-Zero: Decarbonising the Gas Networks in Great Britain
NGN and NPg LAEP Charter
Compressed Natural Gas Report


Environment, Health and Safety Policy
Sustainability Policy
Energy at Home
ISO14001 Certification
Significant Aspects and Impacts Summary
Climate Change Risk Assessment Report
UN SDG Materiality Assessment
ESG Materiality Assessment