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What is the aim of the initiative?

We are looking to combine funding pots, best practice and delivery mechanisms to develop a “one-stop-shop” that delivers a complete range of support for  customers experiencing financial vulnerability.

  • With the ongoing cost of living crisis and ahead of winter 2023, we, along with major organisations in the energy sector and beyond, are looking at how we can help consumers impacted by rising household bills.
  • By working together we can  join up the support available, which is often delivered by a range of delivery partners making it hard to access, into a single ‘one-stop-shop’ funded through a combined pot of regulated (Vulnerability and Carbon Monoxide Allowance (VCMA)) and non-regulated (philanthropic) funding. By providing all advice and measures necessary under one roof, we aim to make it as simple as possible for customers to receive any support they require
  • The Warm Homes Network expects to save households an average of £3,000 each. It’s estimated that through the Birmingham pilot alone, consumers will see benefits of more than £580k combined.

How will the service be delivered?


Customers will be referred from local authorities and local organisations into a ‘single point of contact’ that will act as a triage service, conducting an initial assessment of need before referring customers on to the appropriate organisations delivering the specialised services they require.

  • The ‘single point of contact’ will act as a case worker, taking customers from their initial needs assessments, through to referrals and then gather feedback once the services are delivered.
  • Delivery partners will cover a personalised range of services including vital guidance on energy efficiency and low carbon technology measures advice and installation, benefit entitlement and debt advice.
  • The Warm Homes Network pilot in Cumbria will support up to 100 customers living in the most vulnerable situations.

Father with baby making a telephone call.

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Who is involved?


The Warm Homes Network is bringing together organisations to collectively provide free and direct support to customers. Charities are set to offer services where they are best placed according to their unique expertise.

  • Strategic partners for the Cumbria pilot include Northern Gas Networks, Cadent Gas and Sia Partners.
  • Delivery partners for the Cumbria Pilot include Cumberland Council, RABI, YES Energy Solutions, United Utilities, Cold to Cosy Homes (CAfS), Citizens Advice – Carlisle and Eden, and Pennysmart CIC.
  • Support partners for the Cumbria Pilot have included Churches Together Cumbria, Cumbria CVS, ACTion with Communities in Cumbria
  • Age UK – Carlisle and Eden.

Our Delivery Partners

  • Cumberland Council
  • RABI (The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution)
  • YES Energy Solutions
  • Cold to Cosy Homes (CAfS)
  • Citizens Advice – Carlisle and Eden
  • Pennysmart CIC – Debt Advisor
  • United Utilities

What will happen next?

The Warm Homes Network will offer organisations passionate with a new and innovative way of delivering support at a time of unprecedent hardship for millions of vulnerable households.

Our work will be initially focussed on ensuring households across  Cumbria and Birmingham can access the full range of support offered through the Warm Homes Network pilots in Autumn/Winter 2023.

Longer term, the Cumbria and Birmingham pilots will provide invaluable learning that will help the Warm Homes Network to effectively expand its support to many more communities in 2024.

Organisations interested in learning more about the delivery and funding opportunities offered by the Warm Homes Network can contact our VCMA Team VCMA@northerngas.co.uk and Saul LEW (saul.lew@sia-partners.com) or Alessandra Ciniero (alessandra.ciniero@sia-partners.com)