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The steps to moving your gas supply

Our Connections team will be here to help you every step of the way. Here are the steps to altering your supply:

Booking steps

Work steps

Before you start the alteration process, please take a look at the below points to ensure you have everything to hand before you begin:

  • Are you the property owner or do you have permission from the owner to alter your supply?
  • Your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) will be required when filling in your application form. This can be found on your gas bills or by searching via this helpful link: https://www.findmysupplier.energy/
  • A sketch or site plan showing the property, the existing and proposed meter positions.
  • Consider who will carry out the digging on your land. You have the option to carry out the digging & reinstatement yourself, or can opt for Northern Gas Networks to complete this for you. Here is a handy leaflet for reinstatement.
  • Reconnection of your gas meter – there are 3 different types of meter reconnections that we offer; No Reconnection, Partial Reconnection, Full Reconnection. Please see see further information below regarding Reconnections.
  • A photo of the gas meter, including the emergency control valve (ECV)

In addition to the above points listed, if you are applying for an alteration of your supply to a Businesses or Industrial premises, or an Upgrade of supply to any type of property we will also require:

  • Your hourly & annual gas loads

These can be obtained from a Gas Safe engineer.

The hourly gas load is calculated by totalling the kilowatts (kW) used by each gas appliance that will be fed from this supply (for example, 60kW boiler + 30kW heater = 90kW hourly load).

The annual gas load can be calculated using the following multiplication: ‘Hourly gas load’ x ‘Usage hours per day’ x ‘Usage days per week’ x ‘Usage weeks per year’

If you are increasing your gas load usage, you may need your service pipe upgrading to support your new load.

Firstly, a GT1 check should be completed to determine if the existing service pipe will be adequate for your new load. This can be requested for by contacting your gas supplier (who you pay your bills to) who should request the GT1 on your behalf. Alternatively, you can apply for the GT1 check directly with Northern Gas Networks by emailing connections_gt1_2_3@northerngas.co.uk and requesting the form to complete.

Please bear in mind that when applying for a GT1 you will need to provide your MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number – this can be found on your gas bills) along with your proposed SHQ (Supply Hourly Quantity).

If your completed GT1 report shows that you require an upgraded service pipe, you can begin applying for the Upgrade. Please refer to the Before you Apply section on this page for key information you need to provide us as part of your application.

Once we’ve moved your service pipe, the process is nearly complete, with one more important step before you’re back on gas: your reconnection. There are three options.

This is the perfect solution if you require no more than 2 metres of internal pipework. We may need to send a representative to site to confirm this reconnection type can be completed.

What we’ll do: Our team will disconnect your meter, move it to its new position and reconnect your internal pipework and appliances so you can use your gas.

What you’ll need to do: Nothing! Once our team have reconnected you, your gas supply will be fully restored.

This option means we would move your meter into its new position but not reconnect your internal pipework. This would apply if there is more than 2 metres of internal pipework required.

What we’ll do: Our team will disconnect your meter and move it to its new position.

What you need to do: Arrange for a Gas Safety registered engineer to visit your property after the alteration is complete to reconnect your meter to your internal pipework and appliances so you can use your gas.

This option means that we will not move or reconnect your meter.

This would apply if you are changing to or from a semi-concealed meter box or if you are making arrangements elsewhere to complete the meter reconnections.

What we’ll do: Our team will disconnect your meter and move your service pipe to its new position.

What you need to do: Arrange for an Ofgem-Approved Meter Installer (OAMI) to visit your property after the alteration is complete to connect your meter back to your service pipe, your internal pipework and appliances so you can use your gas. If you are changing your meter, you will need to contact your gas supplier to arrange this.

Your meter reconnection options may differ if you are altering a commercial gas supply. To discuss the reconnection options please contact our Connections Team on 0800 0407766 (opt2).

When will I receive my quotation?

Once we have your application we will send your quote, design and any additional documents within 21 working days*.

*Works considered complex, such as large loads or sites of 5 or more properties are exempt from the 21 working day timescale.

How long until work begins on the site?

Following your payment & acceptance, our planners will be in touch with you within 20 working days to agree a start date for the works. Lead times for works starting vary week to week depending on geographical area, workload and available resource.

If you would like to find out our most current lead times please speak to our Connections team on 0800 040 7766 (option 2)

Here are our Guaranteed Standards of Service.

Depending on the works that are required for altering your gas supply, you may be eligible for a Standard Charge Alteration. Standard Charges are applied to Domestic properties only, along with other key criteria.

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Who is digging?

<3m alterations

with no reconnection

Per additional 1m

Up to 20m

NGN dig private land
£895 (excluding VAT)
£100.50 (excluding VAT)
Customer dig private land
£610.50 (excluding VAT)
£2 (excluding VAT)

Reconnection cost

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Partial reconnections
£73.50 (excluding VAT)
Full reconnections
£96 (excluding VAT)

Each alteration request is reviewed individually and may fall outside of the Standard Charge costings. These alterations and any alteration of supply to a Business or Industrial premises will be priced based on a bespoke model.

Metallic pipes

If the existing service pipe is metallic then a replacement or insertion of the service using plastic pipe may be required. This could mean more excavation on private and public land than originally anticipated. The costs for this are met by NGN and we do not expect our customers to uncover any of the pipework that needs to be replaced. We will reinstate any trenches we have to dig in order to renew the pipe, unless you request otherwise.

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