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The steps to getting connected

Our Connections team will be here to help you every step of the way. Here are the steps to connecting you to our network:

Booking steps

Work steps

Before you start the connections process you’ll need to consider the following points to ensure you have everything to hand before you begin:

  • Are you the property owner or do you have permission from the owner to connect to the network?
  • For new build properties we will require a to-scale site plan, which also includes surrounding geography
  • Who’s going to carry out the digging on your land? You have the option to carry out the digging & reinstatement yourself, or can opt for Northern Gas Networks to complete this for you. Here is a handy leaflet for reinstatement
  • Where is the gas meter going to be positioned?

In addition to the above points listed, if you are applying for a new connection to a Business or Industrial premises, we will also require:

  • Your hourly & annual gas loads

These can be obtained from a Gas Safe engineer.

The hourly gas load is calculated by totalling the kilowatts (kW) used by each gas appliance that will be fed from this supply (for example, 60kW boiler + 30kW heater = 90kW hourly load).

The annual gas load can be calculated using the following multiplication: ‘Hourly gas load’  x  ‘Usage hours per day’  x  ‘Usage days per week’  x  ‘Usage weeks per year’

Following your new connection, Northern Gas Networks will not supply or install a gas meter. We will provide you with a Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) after you accept the quotation. You will need this MPRN when contacting your chosen energy supplier to arrange your gas meter installation.

Responsibilities (how it works)

Northern Gas Networks 

own and maintain the pipes, which transport the gas into homes and businesses. We’re responsible for the network up to the Emergency Control Valve (ECV) which is located just before your gas meter.

Your Gas Supplier

is responsible for the installation and maintenance of your gas meter. They own the gas which is transported through our pipes and will send you the bills for the gas you use in your property.

The Property Owner

is responsible for the internal pipes for the meter to the gas appliances. It is advised that the gas appliances are checked and serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer. A list of local qualified engineers can be found on the Gas Safe Register website gassaferegister.co.uk

When will I receive my quotation?

Once we have your application we’ll send your quote, design and any additional documents within 21 working days*

*Works considered complex, such as large loads or sites of 5 or more properties are exempt from the 21 working day timescale.

How long until work begins on the site?

Following your payment & acceptance, our planners will be in touch with you within 20 working days to agree a start date for the works.

Lead times for works starting can vary depending on geographical area, workload and available resource.

If you would like to know our current lead times, please speak to our Connections team on 0800 040 7766 (option 2)

Here are our Guaranteed Standards of Service.

Depending on the work required to get you connected to our network, you may be eligible for a Standard Charge Connection. Standard Charge Connections are applied to domestic properties that are within 23m of a gas main in public land, and when there is less than 20m to be laid in your private land. The Standard Charges are:

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Who is digging?


NGN dig private land
£868 (excluding VAT)
Customer dig private land
£560.50 (excluding VAT)
No private land
£528.50 (excluding VAT)

Each connection request is reviewed individually and may fall outside of the above costings. These connections and any connection to a Business or Industrial premises will be priced based on a bespoke model.

Funding help

If you’re a domestic customer struggling financially, we might be able to help you get connected. We may also be able to get you funding for a new heating system. Find out more on our funding help page.

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