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Digitalisation: Learn how we are using our data and the latest technology, to bring value to customers and stakeholders

We are all living in an increasingly digital world, and at Northern Gas Networks we are working hard to harness the power of digitalisation to operate more efficiently and to make better use of our data.

This not only helps us run our network, but also plays a vital part within the whole energy sector as we work towards modernising our energy data as part of a Net Zero economy.

It is an exciting time, with some fantastic things happening, and NGN are right at the heart of it all, making sure that we are doing all the right things around digitalisation and data management.

We have developed a Digitalisation Strategy and associated Digitalisation Action Plan so that everyone can see what we are doing, what we plan to do and the benefits that will be realised. We will regularly update this strategy so please keep coming back to check up on the amazing journey we are on.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any part of our strategy with us, please contact Tom Pollock on tpollock@northerngas.co.uk.