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Taking on the 'silent killer'

Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning claims around 60 lives each year in England and Wales.

Caused by the incomplete combustion of natural gas (e.g. due to faulty boilers or other gas appliance) CO can’t be seen, smelt or tasted, and is often referred to as ‘the silent killer.’

We educate and protect the region against CO, through schools workshops; customer briefings in the home; public awareness campaigns and by equipping all our emergency engineers with handheld CO detectors.

We also work closely with other gas distributors and charities on joint activity.

Outputs - a detailed look

This table takes a detailed look at our performance throughout the regulatory period from 2013 – 2021, known as RIIO-GD1. Simply click the yellow tooltip to read a brief commentary on what the statistic means, and see how we performed.

CO detection technology Target
Providing emergency engineers with smart CO detection technology

We have completed our roll out of life saving CO detection equipment for our emergency gas engineers. 1,200 engineers now use this technology each day.

Business as usual
Business as usual
Business as usual
Business as usual
Business as usual
On target

Case studies

We’re involved in a range of work to educate and protect the region against Carbon Monoxide (CO).

Engaging on the doorstep

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We train our emergency engineers to deliver CO awareness sessions following call outs to local homes.

Engineers use a dedicated app to structure these conversations and gather feedback.

More than 20,000 customers completed a CO questionnaire between 2015-2018, raising levels of regional awareness.

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Educating future generations

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Engaging children with CO messages from primary school age helps to ensure that future generations are well-informed and protected.

Our education outreach programme includes Safety Seymour workshops – which use an appealing mascot and structured sessions to reinforce messages.

We run a Young Presenter of the Year competition for students aged 12-17, with participants often choosing CO as their presentation topic. And we ran our first NGN Primary Challenge in 2016/17, which saw local schools create their own gas safety videos.

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Standing firm against CO

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In June 2016 we became a British Plumbing Employers Council (BPEC) accredited centre for carbon monoxide (CO) awareness training.

The British Plumbing Employers Council works in close partnership with further education colleges and private training providers, identifying education and training needs for those working within the building and engineering industries.

We’ve put over 40 people through CO awareness training to date, from Customer Care Officers to local stakeholders including the Women’s Institute, local scout groups, schools and the air cadets.

By becoming an accredited centre for CO awareness training we can support local communities resulting in delivery of these vital safety messages to more of our customers.

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Customer CO briefings

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When our emergency engineers are called out to a customer’s home, once they have made everything safe, they often take the opportunity to remind the customer about Carbon Monoxide (CO).

They deliver a quick verbal briefing about the signs and symptoms associated with CO, and leave behind some literature.

More than 7,600 of these briefings were delivered in 2016/17. Customers who have called us out because they smelled gas are especially receptive to the safety message.

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