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Giving back to the community

Under the terms of our RIIO contract with Ofgem, we receive financial rewards for good performance in key areas – or penalties for falling short.

We achieved significant rewards throughout the regulatory period that ran from 2013 – 2021 (known as RIIO GD1) and no penalties.

Our rewards include

£18 million

For great customer service. We exceeded all our customer satisfaction targets for the regulatory period from 2013 to 2021, and handled complaints speedily and efficiently.  We were awarded £2.2 million for our performance in 2020/21 to reinvest in our business and deliver further benefits for our customers.

£39.1 million

For beating our pipe leakage targets from 2013 – 2021.
Beating the leaks is important for a smooth, safe service, and also prevents the build-up of harmful greenhouse gases. We were awarded £4.8 million for doing just that in 2020/21.

£11 million

For meeting our customers’ demands for gas, all year round – ensuring a reliable supply with few interruptions. We were awarded £11 million for the regulatory period from 2013 – 2021.

£9.2 million

For our work with stakeholders to deliver shared goals.
This award was made by Ofgem in recognition of our stakeholder engagement activities from 2013 – 2021.  We were awarded £1.4 million for our activities in the final year of RIIO GD1.

Zero penalties

By meeting our exceeding all our key regulatory targets, we incurred no financial penalties in RIIO GD1.