Important information: Potential delay to your meter installation

Between 19 May and 6 June, it may take longer than usual to arrange the meter installation with your gas supplier. This is because of an Ofgem initiative to replace the IT systems used across the UK gas market. It involves all gas suppliers and will ultimately make it easier for you to switch supplier and/or get a smart meter. You can find more information about Project Nexus on Ofgem’s website.

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Community involvement

As a utility company, we’re in a good position to deliver added value to communities in our region. We’re local, visible and have a dedicated army of colleagues who care about our customers. And while we can’t change the world (we do have a day job, after all), by working with others, we are able to achieve a considerable amount. We help our customers stay warm; budget more effectively; look after their health and find employment and training opportunities. Lots of this work is focused on the most vulnerable members of society, for whom basic necessities, such as a warm home, are by no means a given. We work with a wide range of partner organisations and maintain a regular dialogue with our stakeholders to make sure we stay focused on the things that really matter.