Your gas bill

The bill breakdown:

On average, distribution costs account for around 17% of the total gas bill:

Graph 1

£130 of the customer bill pays for gas distribution. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the NGN element of the bill:

Graph 2


Asset investment and maintenance – Investing in our network of pipes, equipment and depots to keep the region cooking on gas. 
Asset investment finance costs – Charges on the money that we borrow to invest in our assets. 
24 hour gas emergency service – Getting out to leaks to keep customers safe. 
Non controllable costs – This includes replacing gas lost through leaks on our pipes, the cost of enabling access to gas via our offtake sites, our license fee and pension deficit. 
Incentives – We have an opportunity to make additional revenue through good performance. 
Frontier income and innovation funding – We were recognised as the ‘frontier’ network at the start of the current regulatory period and benefit financially as a result. This cost also includes investment in innovation so that we can continue to improve the way we do things.