Low pressure issue resolved in Moldgreen and Tandem – Update 7 October 10.30am

Gas pressure in Moldgreen and Tandem has been restored to normal levels, following a localised problem with low pressure last night (October 6).

As a precaution, around 130 homes were taken off gas supply last night, while engineers from Northern Gas Networks resolved the low pressure issues.

Engineers are now in the process of restoring supplies to affected homes. Vulnerable customers, with the most urgent need of gas, had their supplies restored last night.

A spokesperson from Northern Gas Networks said: “Our apologies to customers who were affected by the low pressure problems last night.

“The situation has been resolved, and we’re now in the process of getting homes back on supply. We need to do this on a property by property basis, so that we can carry out essential safety checks, before reconnecting each customer. Our thanks to customers for their patience.”