Mains replacement and repair works

There are 37,000 km of gas mains in the North of England, and they all need looking after.

Some of the older, metal pipes have been in the ground for decades and have reached the end of their useful life.

That’s why, between now and 2021, we’re replacing more than 3,800 kilometres of old metal pipes with modern plastic ones which are more durable.

After all, you can’t live without central heating or your morning shower.

This handy leaflet contains lots more information about what to expect if we’re due to replace gas mains on your street.

You may also find this short film about our gas mains replacement work of interest.

Unfortunately, not all our work can be planned weeks in advance. We sometimes need to carry out emergency repairs to tackle leaks and other problems which could affect supplies if we don’t take action.

In these circumstances, we are authorised to carry out work at very short notice. We will, of course, still do everything we can to avoid disrupting your day and keep you informed at all times.