Case studies

We’ve got plenty of futuristic schemes in the pipeline. You can read about them here.

The UK's first hydrogen city

We’re engaged in an ambitious project with Leeds City Council called H21 to explore the feasibility of powering the city of Leeds with hydrogen.

Burning hydrogen produces water and heat, and nothing else – making it a truly sustainable energy source.

So far, we’ve completed initial research which has shown that the current gas network in Leeds is large enough to convert to hydrogen. We are now seeking further funding to compile more detailed technical evidence to underpin the project.

A scheme with this level of ambition takes time, but it is already attracting national attention and stimulating debate. Leeds is moving ever closer to becoming the UK’s first hydrogen city – an exciting prospect.

Learning more about shale

Shale gas is a hot topic, and one guaranteed to divide opinion.

As a gas distributor, we’re neutral in the debate, but recognise the importance of learning more about shale’s implications for our network.

We’re part of the UK Onshore Oil and Gas Group – a collective of producers and transporters who meet to discuss the progress of shale.

We’re also working with experts at the Universities of Newcastle and Durham, on a project to detect the ‘background’ methane in the atmosphere. This will give shale producers an essential yardstick to measure the impact of their activities, should drilling take place in the future.

Joined up thinking around energy infrastructure

We’re working with Newcastle City Council and partners for some joined-up thinking around our energy infrastructure.

The Future Energy Systems Hub (FRESH) project will use the city of Newcastle as its template.  An initial scope will consider the city’s specific heating, power and cooling requirements and how we can provide reliable, sustainable, affordable energy, where it is needed, when it is needed.

The project will provide a blueprint to inform best practice of how energy is generated, stored and utilised on a national scale.

A shared energy platform

Futurewave is a collaborative project between ourselves, the Energy Innovation Centre and other gas and electricity distributors to build a shared digital platform for customers.

The project is inspired by businesses such as eBay and Amazon which use collaborative platforms that can service different customers based on their individual needs.

The Energy Loop digital platform will provide consumers with information on energy products, allow energy developers to collaborate and connect individuals and communities with sources of funding for their projects.

The project is now in phase three – building the prototype platform and the business model.