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The City CNG Project

We’re working with Leeds City Council to build a CNG filling station in the city  to prove the economic business case for this technology.

Compressed natural gas (CNG) cuts particulate matter – which is very harmful to health – by almost 100 per cent and nitrogen oxides by around 90 per cent.  It also reduces carbon dioxide emissions by around a quarter.

Due to the absence of large scale CNG filling stations in the UK there is limited opportunity for depot based city vehicles to convert to CNG.   Currently there is no proven economic business case to build a large scale city based CNG fuelling station to allow for significant conversions of large numbers of city based vehicles. The high level of upfront capital cost for both the station and associated high pressure connection presents a huge barrier to investment.

The City CNG project will help to reduce the council’s fleet emissions whilst also ensuring the infrastructure is in place to encourage other business to convert their fleets to convert to CNG,  helping the council to achieve their 2020 commitment to improve air quality within Leeds.

City CNG Project Progress Report _December

City CNG Project Progress Report_ June

CENEX biomethane report

Latest update

We signed a bespoke connection contract with Leeds City Council in June 2016 including a £700,000 ‘novel commercial arrangement’ funded by Ofgem’s Network Innovation Competition which will attract third party investment and remove the commercial risk associated with a high pressure gas connection.

The commercial agreement includes the design and construction of a high pressure gas connection and pipeline to supply the CNG filling station, reducing the upfront investment required from a third party. The NIC funding will be repaid over ten years, with repayments based on the volume of gas flowing through the pipeline.

We’ve already visited a filling station in Paris to learn best practice and are working with Leeds City Council to agree the location for the site before work can begin.