Important information: Potential delay to your meter installation

Between 19 May and 6 June, it may take longer than usual to arrange the meter installation with your gas supplier. This is because of an Ofgem initiative to replace the IT systems used across the UK gas market. It involves all gas suppliers and will ultimately make it easier for you to switch supplier and/or get a smart meter. You can find more information about Project Nexus on Ofgem’s website.

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Thermo Catalytic Systems

The system is based on gas fired catalytic heaters. These provide radiant heat which is collected by the gas pipeline within the unit. This system can be installed as a direct replacement of an existing WBH with the added benefit that only 1 suitably sized HotCat
would be required to replace 2 existing WBHs.

HotCat’s are made up of several zones each containing 2 catalytic heaters. Each zone can be controlled independently. Bruest state in their literature that the efficiency of their system is 70%. However, this figure does not include electricity consumption. Before the
gas supply is provided to each heater, the catalyst needs to be preheated to 232°C by an electrical preheating element. Once achieved, the electrical supply is disconnected and gas combusts to provide all of the required heat.






Equipment Drawing. Hotcat MkII 1

Equipment Drawing. Hotcat MkII 2

Equipment Drawing. Hotcat MkII 3

Equipment Drawing. Hotcat MkII 4

Equipment Drawing. Hotcat MkII 5

Equipment Drawing. Hotcat MkII 6

Equipment Drawing. Hotcat MkII 7

Equipment Drawing. Hotcat MkII 8