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Low Carbon Gas Preheating (LCGP) Project

To help ensure the delivery of sustainable energy networks for current and future customers at the lowest cost our energy regulator, Ofgem, has introduced the Network Innovation Competition (NIC).

The Network Innovation Competition encourages projects which will deliver benefits to customers and the environment. Funding is available from Ofgem for the most successful initiatives.

Here we highlight latest projects submitted to the Network Innovation Competition.

Pre-heating: saving energy through better design

The gas distribution industry relies on a process of pre-heating to prevent gas from freezing when it moves from the high pressure network to our lower pressure network.

We recognised the need to explore more sustainable and economical sources of pre-heating – a market traditionally dominated by suppliers of boiler packages and water bath heaters.

We launched a consultation exercise to source new and innovative solutions to pre-heating from stakeholders not traditionally involved in this market – including heating equipment suppliers and professional engineering consultancies.

The results have been compiled in a new report, the recommendations of which are now guiding our investment strategy. In 2013/14, six upgrades to our existing pre-heating infrastructure are scheduled – all of which will be carried out in line with our new approach.

NGN Gas NIC preliminary research findings





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