Award winning customer service

We were delighted to be ranked number one for customer service in 2015/16 by our regulator, Ofgem, and to be benchmarked as one of the UK’s top performing companies by the Institute of Customer Service.

Behind these headline scores is a commitment to making customer service part of everyone’s day jobs and extensive research to understand our customers’ varying needs.


In 2015/16, we improved support for customers during disruptive projects, and enhanced our back office systems to provide a more seamless service.

We trained our customer service team in the use of social media – making it an integral part of the role – and launched a text message tool to gain instant feedback.

It wasn’t a flawless performance, however. Our complaints score, for example, was slightly behind that of 2014/15. There’s lots more to do, and we’re looking forward to going even further for our customers in the year ahead.

Outputs – a detailed look

This table takes a detailed look at our customer performance in 2015/16. Simply click the plus arrow to read a brief commentary on what the statistic means, and how we did.

Output Target 2013/2014 Performance 2014/2015 Performance 2015/2016 Performance Status
Unplanned interruptions (score out of 10) 9 9.3 9.4 9.5 Ahead

Unplanned interruptions are issues such as gas escapes, which result in the supply going off suddenly and without warning. Each year, Ofgem carries out surveys among customers affected by such an interruption, to gauge their level of satisfaction with our response. Our score of 9.5 is ahead of 2014/15, and reflects the speed and efficiency of our response to gas loss incidents, and our efforts to support and inform customers.

Planned interruptions (score out of 10) 8.5 8.4 8.7 8.9 Ahead

Planned interruptions are periods where the gas goes off for essential repair or maintenance work. Our score of 8.9 exceeded our 2014/15 score. Over the past year, we have done even more to reduce the public impact of our work sites, and have used new technology to speed up jobs.

Connections (score out of 10) 8.4 8.6 9.0 9.1 Ahead

This is a measure of how we performed when installing private gas connections for homes and businesses. Our score of 9.1 is our best yet, and reflects the growing skills and knowledge of our dedicated team, and the introduction of new, customer-focused services, such as online payments and a same day connections service.

Complaints metric 11.6 4.8 2.7 3.1 Ahead

We receive an overall complaints score each year, based on four different elements: the percentage of complaints unresolved after one working day; percentage of complaints unresolved after 31 working days; percentage of repeat complaints and the number of Energy Ombudsman decisions that have gone against us. Our 2015/16 score was slightly behind that of 2014/15, while still being a strong performance.

The future

Looking ahead, we are working hard to make sure that we are able to get feedback from all the customers that we impact. For example, we have recently introduced a system called Rant and Rave, which allows customers to provide instant feedback by text, and we hope this instant temperature check will prove useful in the months ahead.

We are also exploring how customers react to different satisfaction questions, and how this might give us better data to identify improvement areas. This should help to make sure we can deliver for all our customers, and sustain our class leading performance.