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Stakeholder engagement

Effective stakeholder engagement can lead to stronger outcomes for our customers, colleagues and businesses.

Over the past four years, we have embedded a robust engagement strategy across the company, driven by senior management and delivered by all our people.

We have retained the AA1000 standard for effective engagement and our approach to auditing throughout the year helps us to continually measure and improve our performance.


Key developments in 2015/16 include increasing our collaboration with the third sector and formalising our stakeholder panel – a cross-section of stakeholders who input into our current and future plans.

We’ve introduced depot days – inviting stakeholders and communities into our depots to understand more about what we do – and have refreshed our website to make it easier for stakeholders to find the information they need.

From improving the quality of our work sites to scaling up our social responsibility programmes, stakeholder feedback continues to influence what we do, and how we do it.

In fact, we’ve identified over 130 significant outcomes as a result of stakeholder engagement over the past year.

You can read more about our approach to forming sustainable partnerships in our Community Promises.

Join the conversation 

Visit our online stakeholder community, to discuss hot topics facing our communities, pose questions, and give your feedback.

How engaging are we?

Each year, we provide a detailed submission to our regulator, Ofgem, describing how we have engaged stakeholders, and the benefits of our approach. Find out how we got on with our 2015/16 submission.