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Removing gas holders

You’ve probably passed our giant dome-shaped gas holders hundreds of times, and may well have wondered what they are!

Our region has 47 gas holders – a relic from the time when town gas was the main energy source for our customers.

Over the next few years, we’ll be removing these holders, but we need to do it in a  way which does minimum damage to the environment.

We’ve been trialing a process known as ‘sludge solidification’, in which the solids which have accumulated at the bottom of the holding tank are safely buried with the base itself – negating the need for costly and environmental removal by tanker, and preventing soil contamination.

We plan to share the results of the trial with the rest of the industry, which is also wrestling with the same issue.

Gas holder memoriespreserving the gas holder legacy for future generations

To capture the history of these giant structures for future generations, Mick Hand, a professional artist with more than 20 years’ experience, has joined us as our very own artist documenting the legacy of our gas holders through sketches and paintings. You can read more about this on our Artist in Residence Blog. The artwork will be used to produce a book along with reminiscences from local people.

We’re calling for you to help us to preserve the memories of these structures by emailing your memories to gasholdermemories@northerngas.co.uk. We’d love to hear from you!

A short film about Northern Gas Networks’ gas holder demolition programme which explains how the gas distributor is working with local communities and stakeholders to commemorate the giant structures as they disappear from our skyline.