Biomethane is a clean, sustainable gas produced by the breakdown of organic matter, such as agricultural and food waste.

Although biomethane production is still in its infancy, it has the potential to help fill the gap as traditional sources of natural gas become increasingly depleted.

We are committed to identifying viable sources of biomethane in our region and overcoming technical hurdles to get this vital gas into our network, so customers can use it for heating and cooking.

We’re also forging new partnerships with potential producers of biogas, from farmers to industrial waste companies, to make them aware of the commercial advantages of harnessing this fuel of the future. Visit our dedicated Biomethane site to find out more about the services we offer.

The Gas to Cash conference – September 2013 

More than 100 delegates from sectors including local authorities, farming, waste distribution and industrial food waste attended our biomethane conference, organised in partnership with the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers.  The conference encouraged stakeholders to consider the commercial advantages of biomethane production and the steps that organisations need to take to maximise return from their waste.

Couldn’t make it along on the day, or you simply want to listen again? You can watch the video here