Past events - 2015

We hold regular events to give organisations and individuals with a vested interest in our activities the chance to share their views. Take a look at our upcoming events to see what’s coming up, or find out about past events including outcomes and next steps.

Microbusiness research

Date: 19 August 2015


The key issues for smaller businesses were cash flow and tailored communication around the impact of our works on their businesses.


We have introduced earlier, more flexible payments for microbusinesses and ensure that we speak to business owners directly through our Customer Care Officers and Site Managers/

Vulnerable customer research

Date: 16 April 2015


Through in depth interviews with customers who are elderly, experiencing financial hardship mental or physical health issue we gained real insight into how our services may impact these customers and how we could improve them.


The detailed feedback means we are able to better recognise some of the challenges customers in vulnerable circumstances experience helping us to better respond to them on an individual basis.  As a result of the research we have completely reviewed and improved our customer communications including letters, flyers and our web-site to make them simpler, clearer and easier to understand.

Transient customer research

Date: 15 February 2015


Our quick roadside survey showed that 76% of the 55 drivers questioned did not live in the local area so had not had a letter notifying them of the works in advance.


We have improved our electric signage around our roadworks and started posting our work on

Priorities research

Date: 12 February 2015


It’s important that we check in with you regularly to understand your priorities so we can keep our plans and service delivery aligned to your needs.  This independent research consisted of 6 customer focus groups and 23 in depth stakeholder interviews to give us a good representative view from our stakeholders about what is important to them.  There was a huge amount of valuable feedback for example, you told us:

  • Communicate more about your work on social issues and work in local communities
  • That our stakeholder report should be more forward looking
  • To work more closely with Local Authorities around innovation


We have:

  • Amended our stakeholder reporting to reflect your priorities and made it clearer to read, as well as redesigning our stakeholder web-site
  • Incorporated more detail on social and community issues in our regular communications like the regular e-bulletin
  • Trialled depot days; inviting Local Authorities and wider stakeholders to our depots to hear about our work and see new technologies first hand