Important information: Potential delay to your meter installation

Between 19 May and 6 June, it may take longer than usual to arrange the meter installation with your gas supplier. This is because of an Ofgem initiative to replace the IT systems used across the UK gas market. It involves all gas suppliers and will ultimately make it easier for you to switch supplier and/or get a smart meter. You can find more information about Project Nexus on Ofgem’s website.

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Trio tackle fuel poverty

Northern Gas Networks teamed up with Northern Powergrid and national charity, Groundwork to run a trial project aimed at tackling fuel poverty in Bradford and Leeds.

Working with 80 households from August to November this year, ‘Green Doctors’ from Groundwork provides detailed energy assessments in order to advise people on how best to run warm and energy efficient homes and lower their energy bills, as well as installing simple solutions to improve home energy efficiency.

The scheme is assisting vulnerable customers by helping them to access cheaper tariffs and / or switch energy suppliers. By supporting and guiding service users through this process, ‘Green Doctors’ is delivering an average yearly saving of £259 per household.

The service also helps people to apply for a water meter (where appropriate) putting a yearly average of £200 back into their pockets. Furthermore, home energy efficiency changes made under the scheme also create an annual average saving of 1.73 tonnes of CO2 per property.

As well as providing practical advice and energy saving tips, the project also saw energy efficient light bulbs and carbon monoxide alarms fitted at the participating households.

Mr Singer, one of the residents to take part in the project, discovered that he could save over £400 per year just by switching his energy suppliers and installing a water meter.

“I wouldn’t have done these things without the Green Doctors but there are big savings to be made and it’s a little bit less complicated than I thought it was. I’m really pleased about the savings I’ve made”, said Mr Singer.

NGN believes in getting actively involved in local communities and forging lasting relationships with people living in the areas in which it operates.

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Anyone that smells gas or suspects Carbon Monoxide should call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999. This line is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.