Customer Focus Connect 2015

Northern Gas Networks (NGN) shared its story about the business transformation at a customer service event in London today.

Eileen Brown, Head of Customer Experience at Northern Gas Networks (NGN), spoke about ‘keeping brand promises’ at the Customer Focus Connect event, which took place at the Guoman Tower Hotel in London today.

Customer Focus Connect 2015 is a one day event that focuses on the challenges and techniques of providing strong customer service and will see several industry leaders speaking about the importance of brand and customer experience.

Eileen said: “Over the last few years we’ve been working hard to transform our business into a genuinely customer focussed operation. This transformation saw us win 6 UK Customer Experience Awards and a National Business Award in 2014, achievements that we are very proud of.

“Customer Focus Connect 2015 is a great opportunity for NGN to talk about our transformation and the importance of brand promises, as well as share best practice with other leaders from the customer service industry.”

You can read more our Customer Focus Connect 2015 here: