Important information: Potential delay to your meter installation

Between 19 May and 6 June, it may take longer than usual to arrange the meter installation with your gas supplier. This is because of an Ofgem initiative to replace the IT systems used across the UK gas market. It involves all gas suppliers and will ultimately make it easier for you to switch supplier and/or get a smart meter. You can find more information about Project Nexus on Ofgem’s website.

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Service you can rely on

Safety, reliability and great customer service are the cornerstones of our business. Customers suffer an interruption to their gas supply once in every forty years, on average, and when things do go wrong, we put them right quickly and efficiently.

Since our formation in 2005, we have been consistently measured by the energy regulator Ofgem as the most cost efficient of the UK’s eight Gas Distribution Networks (GDNs) – delivering great value to our customers, and creating a wealth of social and economic benefits to the region that go way beyond our core business.

Ofgem, measures our performance against a set of distinct criteria, from the quality of our reinstatement work (i.e. putting everything back as we found it following a job) to the speed of our response to gas emergencies to how quickly we resolve a complaint.

Our payments are linked directly to performance, so we have to deliver consistently high standards, or face penalties. Find out more here

Watch our video to find out more about the journey of gas, from production and importation to supply.